Media and Communication Training

It is your show!

fraid of big audiences, frightened to appear on stage? Ambiguity while formulating a speech? Nervous when dealing with journalists? Uncertainty in front of a camera or microphone? That’s just normal – but it does not have to be that way. My media and communication trainings help you to get that professional aplomb, which makes your public appearance a success. After all, it is your show. And you should make the best use of this opportunity.
How do journalists and the media work? How do I approach them? How do I convey tailor-made messages to newspapers, radio, TV, the general public? How do I write a proper press release that attracts the attention of an editor? How do I organize and design a press conference? How do I confidently move in front of a radio microphone and TV camera? How do I successfully prepare for an interview? You will learn all this and much more in my intensive media training – with many helpful practical exercises and simulations.
In addition, I offer communication trainings that will help you sharpen your argument, design presentations, speeches, power-point and other visuals in an exciting and engaging way, thus grabbing your audience’s attention, for sure. Furthermore, I offer special courses on crisis communication and prepare you for the professional handling of controversial discussions. The trainings do not only offer you a sound theoretical background but provide a wide range of practical exercises, including role-plays and simulations. An attentive and fair feedback on your performance is guaranteed – as much as a high level of discretion.
I conduct my trainings together with a team of experienced co-trainers, either in small groups or as intensive individual coaching sessions. The workshops and courses are tailor-made for your specific needs and areas of work and your particular communicative concerns.

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