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Here you will find a lot of articles, comments, informed opinions on recent events and debates, with particular regard to global cooperation, sustainable development, climate, human rights and more. In the Brussels Corner you will get to know about what is going on in the capital of Europe – a lot of things you would […]

SDGs, sustainability, development and human rights

From now on, I regularly report on the latest developments from Brussels on the topics of environment, energy, sustainable development, business and human rights as well as in general on the special topic UN Sustainable Development Goals / Sustainable Development Goals on the blog of the Forum Umwelt und Entwicklung        

Potentials of metal recycling for climate protection

Moderation of the event „Potentials of Metal Recycling for Climate Protection and Resource Efficiency as well as the Requirements of the Circular Economy Package“, commissioned by the Metals Association (Metals per Climate), on 27th September 2016, in Brussels. More