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Corona Pakete und Menschenrechte

Pressemitteilung_HLPF Corona und SDG 7-16 Juli

First SDG Festival: Appeal to citizens worldwide, but where are the politicians?

In the end, Goal number 3: health and well-being for all, Goal Number 5: gender equality and Goal 13: climate action were achieved – but only in the fictitious country of “Hive Mind”, a digital game that determined a big part of the three-days “Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development” (GFI4SD) last week in […]

EU and development: New approaches – or just a whole new bunch of paper?

According to the European Commission, 2017 will be a year for profound refreshment of EU development policy. First of all, the relationship with Africa and the ACP countries (Africa/Carribean and the Pacific) is at stake – with the Cotonou agreement, agreed upon in 2000, to be negotiated this year.