Fancy exotic dishes with meaningful contribution?

Enough time for talking to his guests only comes after having managed two shifts of full menus, but Obada Otabashi is happy about being that busy. The man from Syria, who came to Belgium 2 years ago, represents the initiative #WeExist, an NGO created by a mixed team of volunteers: refugees from Obadas home country and migrants from other parts of the world. The initiative seeks to support people in their asylum process, language courses and, of course, their search for new perspectives and employment. Thus, the idea to start a fund raising dinner occured. It now takes place every second Monday in the restaurant Damoiselle in Brussels lively St. Gilles neighbourhood – with the aim to collect enough money to open up a cultural center and own restaurant, run by WeExist, in the near future. Natasha Kovic from Croatia is one of the volunteers, actively supporting and managing the initiative. A dinner at Damoiselle might also convince others to contribute and engage – for 30 Euro you can get tasty Syrian dishes, including wine, pass a nice evening with friends and (!) do something meaningful at the same time. Not always the case, when you go to restaurants… More info on facebook @WeExistNGO

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