Corona Pakete und Menschenrechte

Pressemitteilung_HLPF Corona und SDG 7-16 Juli

Senior is the new normal – From Brussels to the Beach

The Covid-19 Crisis, and even more so the drastic measurements around the world taken to tackle it, came as a shock for many of us – especially those among us working independently and heavily dependig on direct human contact. But some of us are trying to turn thar shock into opportunity. Read more about the […]

On the road to a new life

  Belgium following me into my new life! Thanks to “De Morgen” for this nice article about me and fellow digital nomads on their way to new professional and private adventures.  

Inspire Change – through inspiring images

Sometimes a picture says more than words – this is once again true for the photo exhibition and competition run by @CIDSE, the international family of 17 Catholic social justice organisatons, based in Brussels. The campaign “Change for the Planet – Care for the People” was launched in February: Photographers around the globe were asked […]

Fancy exotic dishes with meaningful contribution?

Enough time for talking to his guests only comes after having managed two shifts of full menus, but Obada Otabashi is happy about being that busy. The man from Syria, who came to Belgium 2 years ago, represents the initiative #WeExist, an NGO created by a mixed team of volunteers: refugees from Obadas home country […]

Welcome to my blog

Here you will find a lot of articles, comments, informed opinions on recent events and debates, with particular regard to global cooperation, sustainable development, climate, human rights and more. In the Brussels Corner you will get to know about what is going on in the capital of Europe – a lot of things you would […]

First SDG Festival: Appeal to citizens worldwide, but where are the politicians?

In the end, Goal number 3: health and well-being for all, Goal Number 5: gender equality and Goal 13: climate action were achieved – but only in the fictitious country of “Hive Mind”, a digital game that determined a big part of the three-days “Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development” (GFI4SD) last week in […]

EU and development: New approaches – or just a whole new bunch of paper?

According to the European Commission, 2017 will be a year for profound refreshment of EU development policy. First of all, the relationship with Africa and the ACP countries (Africa/Carribean and the Pacific) is at stake – with the Cotonou agreement, agreed upon in 2000, to be negotiated this year.

Kindersoldaten – Zwei erschütternde Lebensgeschichten, die Mut machen

Es war eine dieser Veranstaltungen in Brüssel, die ein größeres Publikum verdient gehabt hätten.